Smithville Streaming TV – Watch More for Less

If you are looking for a better way to do TV without having to spend hundreds of dollars each month on cable, then cut the cord and switch to Smithville’s Streaming TV, bringing you a variety of local options at awfully affordable rates.


Cut the Cord and Start Saving

Starting from

  • For up to 5 devices
  • No equipment and installation fee
  • No contract
*Taxes and franchise fees apply

*Best Speed Available: Up to 300Mbps download/300Mbps upload or 1Gbps download/1Gbps upload depending on service area.

Smithville Streaming TV works only with a residential Smithville Internet connection. Hookup requires a streaming device (like an Amazon Fire Stick or Alexa). Some devices may require a WiFi and a TV with HDMI port. Works on multiple devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as TVs. Not available in all areas – Ask a customer service representative if Streaming TV is in your area.

What’s Special About Streaming TV?

Smithville Streaming TV brings your favorite TV shows, movies, news and other local channels right to your handheld devices. Whether it is your iPhone or iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, or even your Fire TV Stick, you can enjoy the freedom of watching TV across a multitude of wireless screens. Simply download the YourTV app, available on Google Play Store, Apple Store and Amazon, to get started. The app has a user-friendly interface and a Program Guide to help you navigate through the local entertainment portal. Coupled with Smithville Fiber fast internet, you can hold as many movie marathons as your heart desires without any lag or buffering.

Get Ready for a Smarter Viewing Experience

Smithville Streaming TV relieves you from the hassle of paying for a set-top box or hundreds of cable TV channels you never even watch in the first place. You can finally say goodbye to traditional TV and sign up for a much smarter entertainment viewing option. For a lower monthly fee and NO CONTRACT, Smithville Streaming TV works wonderfully with your choice of streaming device and services (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sling TV, YouTubeTV, Hulu, HBO Now, DirecTV Now etc.) to create a nice, tidy package of only the channels you want.

SSTV now features “Restart TV” and “Catch-Up” options for maximizing your streaming experience and allowing for a more controlled customization of content consumption. Started watching your show 10 minutes into the 20-minute program? Choose Restart and watch it from the beginning. Didn’t get home in time to watch Scrubs last night? Use Catch-Up to scroll back in the guide for at least 3 days and watch any programs you’ve missed. Streaming TV gives you more power to watch TV the way YOU want to.

*Restart & Catch-Up features are available on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.

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