Smithville Voice – Talk Till You Drop

Chat with your loved ones on end with Smithville’s spectacular landline service, which connects your calls like a pro. Say goodbye to spotty coverage, dropped signals, or unavailable network by relying on our amazing home phone packages to carry you through the severest of interferences.

Unlimited Voice

Unlimited Long Distance

Starting from

  • Free nationwide calling
  • Reliability and peace of mind with 911 location accuracy
  • No contract

State and Federal taxes also apply to all pricing listed above.

Rates apply for all direct-dialed calls placed from your home to anywhere within the United States. These rates apply to all long distance calls in-state and out-of-state. Please call for our international rates or go to our international rates page.

A Smithville representative will call to verify your order and give you your phone number

Smithville Long Distance Goes All the Way

No matter where your friends and family are located across the States, Smithville’s remarkable long distance calling service will patch you through to them with a crystal-clear audio quality. Our Voice service comes in both unlimited and regular packages to cater to your unique needs. You will find no hidden service charges, no binding contracts, no additional fees and no secret gimmicks when you subscribe to our local and long distance calling plans. Smithville promises you absolute credibility and transparency with its ‘One Bill’ convenience which gives you access to your Voice subscriptions in one easy-to-find place.

Old School Is Still Cool.

There are some things which always stand the test of time no matter how many new gadgets are introduced to replace them. One such device is your home digital phone or your landline. Sure, it looks unappealing sitting on your living room coffee table, especially in an era which is governed by multi-featured, portable smartphones. But it has a uniqueness of its own. A landline offers so many benefits, which make it an indispensable asset. That is why Smithville dedicates itself to providing a wonderful landline service, with all the added benefits of reliability, clarity and security. Once you equip your home with our home phone service, you will not only enjoy a fail-safe connectivity but get immediate access to emergency services without losing any precious seconds.

State-of-the-Art Calling Features

Are you sick of missing important calls and losing contact information on repeat, all due to the outdated services of your current provider? Well, worry no more! Because, with Smithville Voice, you can enjoy top-notch service features, including Call Forwarding, CF No Answer, CF Busy, Call Holding, Call Transfer, Call Waiting. Cancel Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Intercom, Personal Ringing, 3 Way Calling, Toll Restrict Override, Enhanced Voicemail, Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, Caller Name, Call Return, Call Screening, Call Trace, Call Waiting II, Preferred Call Forwarding, Priority Ringing, Repeat Dialing, Special Call Acceptance, Speed Calling, Warm Line, Anonymous Call Rejection, etc.

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